Our Story

"Made in Louisiana"

On April 9, 2011, The first Taste of Louisiana Festival took place along the boardwalk in the City of Lake Charles, La.  Our primary purpose was to present an event that represented all the cuisines and culture the State of Louisiana has to offer. Also, the state had recently suffered a significant financial loss in the fishing industry due to the BP Oil disaster in 2010, and New Orleans was still recovering from Hurricane Katrina 5 years prior.  We were determined to restore the popularity of the food and the culture.

Lake Charles, known one time as Festival City, it was home to over 75 festivals a year, which was the most festivals held per year by any city in the State of Louisiana.   The Taste of Louisiana Festival called Lake Charles home for two years.  During the tenure in Louisiana, the festival was given the "Southern Travel Treasure Award" by AAA Magazine's The Southern Traveler.  Also, the festival was rank #4 in the city by the listeners of Town Square Media.

After the 2012 TOL, we decided it was time to relocate the event due to an excessive number of requests to host the event in the Houston Metropolitan Area.  The move was easier said than done. The Taste of Louisiana Festival would re-emerge two years later in 2015 to hold their first festival in two years in Sugar Land, TX on May 30, 2015. While we were pleased with the turnout, the event ended early due to torrential rain. However, this incident would spawn the birth of a new experience, The Second Line Festival.  The original intent for The Second Line Festival was to be a one-time event to make up for our previous cancellation, but due to the response, it's now an annual event.

Each Taste of Louisiana Festival event brings our guests through the Lousiana Experience like no other event outside of the Bayou State. Our events are to be experienced and not just attended.  

Currently, we host three events in the Houston Metropolitan Area, The Taste of Louisiana Festival "Made in Louisiana," Katrina Second Line Parade and The Second Line Festival "A Tribute to the New Orleans Tradition." Plans to expand to other cities are underway for 2017.  We welcome you to attend any or all of our events, and we guarantee you will leave satisfied.



"Experience the Flavor and Culture of Louisiana"

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